May 27th 2016

Vereniging de Vinger

Elfferich & Moll

The repertoire of piano duo Elfferich & Moll consists exclusively of compositions by Jeroen Elfferich. All the pieces have a  strong rhythmical character and can best be described as contemporary minimal music. The odd time signatures running together provide a special hypnotic atmosphere.

Elfferich's quest for new sounds and rhythms surprises and intrigues every time. His background as a percussionist is clearly audible in his "marimba-like" playing of the piano. They released 3 cd's through Arabesque Records in New York (See links at the bottom) and the works have been broadcasted  on VPRO Radio 4 and Concertzender.


​Nico Moll (1962) is a very versatile pianist. He began playing the organ at age 10. In 1977 he gave his first organ recital in Cannero, Italy, and it earned him the title of honorary citizen. He studied organ and church music at the Arnhem Conservatory. He became fascinated by the music of composers and pianists like Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and Stevie Wonder. This made him focus more on the piano and he continued to study jazz piano at the Utrecht Conservatory with Bert van den Brink and composition with Claire Fischer in Los Angeles. In the 90’s he worked in Hamburg as a pianist and arranger and performed in several bands.


Jeroen Elfferich was born in Delft, March 15, 1965. He took percussion lessons at the municipal music school and learned to play snare and timpani. Elfferich went on to study light music percussion (drums) on the Rotterdam Conservatory. He graduated with honors in 1992.

In the past 35 years Elfferich has gained a lot of experience as a drummer, guitarist, singer, bassist and keyboardist in several bands and solo projects.

Also as a percussionist in orchestras including the NESKO (Dutch Student Chamber Orchestra), Delft Symphony Orchestra and Musica Krashna (Delft University Orchestra). And the list goes on; he’s also a producer, recording engineer and a songwriter. And you could have ran into him at numerous festivals (Lowlands, Mystery Land) and on TV performing his looper act “Loop the balloon”.


Arabesque records