September 28th 2017

Studio Loos

MeSm (Roel Meelkop & Jos Smolders)

MeSm is a duo of Roel Meelkop and Jos Smolders. Both musicians have been part of the Dutch experimental avant-garde since the mid 1980s. A few years ago Smolders radically shifted from laptop and computer based composition to the hands-on and much more tactile approach of the modular synthesizer. Currently he is regarded as one of those who really masters the patches. His idea of accurately pre-composed works has been abandoned in favor of a completely open approach. He translated the ideas of 'here and now' that are common in Zen practice to the stage. This offers a perfect match with the developments of Roel Meelkop. Jos and Roel have been partners in legendary electro acoustic improvisers THU20. Meelkop also has shifted towards meditative sessions and uses singing bowls, gongs, feathers as well as bows as his sonic tools.


Together they now form MeSm, a perfect blend of acoustics and electronics. The performances of MeSm are sparse, unrehearsed and develop at the very moment of performance. To enhance the listener's attention an atmosphere of concentration is created. There are no and there will be no public recordings of MeSm's performances. You experience the sounds when they are created, and only then. This too, enhances the attention of everyone present.



Jos Smolders – Modulaire synthesizer

Roel Meelkop – gongs, klankschalen, drums,  water gong,


Music by Roel Meelkop

Music by Jos Smolders