March 22nd 2018

Studio Loos

Sjoerd Leijten

Sjoerd Leijten (1983) is a composer or improviser or musician or sound artist or coder. He makes music and sound for movies, theater, radioplays, modern dance and video games. He makes 'guerilla style' media bicycle performances and organizes art bicycle expeditions - in which the environment is explored through performances.


His performance at Kernel Panic consits off Impro with tenori-on, toy piano, computer data recorder and voice.


Comfortably dystopian improvised music with the Japanese instrument tenori-on ( 'on-the-hand' in Japanese), a found toy piano and self baked software. Tunings and scales change in breathtaking tempi, the signal-to-noise ratio is inverted and just for a moment the invisible data streams become tangible.