May 24th 2018

Studio Loos

Gerri Jäger

Percussionist Gerri Jäger is known nationally and internationally for his many diverse groups, ranging from free-improvisation, alt-rock, experimental electronic club music to avant-pop.


He has played with Fred Firth (Brian Eno), Eirikur Olaffsson (Mum, Sigur Ros), Shahzad Ismaily (Tom Waits, Bonny Prince Billy), Graduale Nobili (Björk), Joachim Badenhorst (Carate Urio), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle), Han Bennink and Jasper Stadhouders among many others. Currently active bands include Knalpot, Naked Wolf, STUG, Poker and Gerri Jäger’s Double Duo.


Gerri is interested in playing in different ways to expand boundaries in music and its genres. His solo-performance is based around semi-structured improvisations, using drums, percussion, electronics, vintage keyboards and synthesizers. Gerri uses his drum-set to trigger synthesizers and manipulates it by wiring it onto a bunch of effect pedals originally made for DJ’s and guitar players. For every concert he prepares a new set of music.