November 29th 2018

Studio Loos

Hypochondric Resonators

This project is inspired by the common passion of the members about the real-time digital processing of acoustic instrumental sound.


The duo - Dan Gibson (modified cello) and Vladimir Vlaev (modified guitar), are also active as solo performers with the instruments developed by them.


In HYPOCHONDRIAC RESONATORS both artists explore the sound palettes of their instruments in an spontaneous and improvised manner. Although their individual approaches to instrumental processing are very different from each other, the common musical output impresses with its coherence and completeness.


Vladimir Vlaev is composer, audio artist, educator and performer of experimental music. The interest in a variety of musical languages, forms and abilities of expression provokes him to use different types of media to present his musical ideas. His passion about combining acoustic and electronic sound drives him recently to accomplish there another master project. It focuses on the design of a digital system for processing of acoustic sound in real time and furthermore implementing this system as a tool for composition and improvisation.





Dan Gibson is a musician and sound artist. In 2011 he studied a Ba (Hons) Degree in Creative Music Technology at University Centre Doncaster and has recently completed a Masters at STEIM and the Institute of Sonology in the Netherlands.

Gibson’s work incorporates experimentation and improvisation and aims to explore the sonic subtlety, textural nuance and dynamic intensity found in the natural soundscape through the embodied practise of playing and building investigative hardware and software instruments.