January 24th 2019

Studio Loos

Rutger Muller

Rutger Muller:


"I am an electroacoustic composer focused on the intricacies of timbre, acoustics and spatiality. I extract compositions or "soundspaces" from elements of ancient/classical music, (dark) ambient, (dub) techno, free improvisation and architectural ideas.


By shaping a semi-abstract sound, I want to transcend the drama of emotion, reach beyond it, towards the patterns and noises of consciousness (the micro cosmos), outer space (the macro cosmos) and nature.


Through electro-acoustic sound design and collaborations with contemporary (classical) instrumentalists, I want to shed new light on the spiritual (minimalist) essence of musical cultures — and to investigate how to make sense of this in our hectic (digital) culture.


The results are often more mystic than abstract; on the edge between tranquil and uncanny."