September 26th 2019

Studio Loos

Roald van Dillewijn

Roald van Dillewijn is a sound artist who is always looking for new creative ways to make sounds.


In order to do this he develops software, hacks hardware and builds electronic instruments. The combination of hardware and software leads to powerful new tools for composition, live performances, interactive installations and sound design for various disciplines.


Roald is currently working on his debut album that will be released this fall in a triple cassette box together with a Tapage album and a collaboration with Tapage under the name Tapage & Espoir. The box is issued by the new label Crossfade Tapes. In addition, he places an audio-visual artwork online every day with programmed visuals and new sound experiments.


During his improvised live performances Roald creates worlds in which the listener is carried down to the smallest details that are audible in sound.